Fall Issue '11


  1. On the Cover: Chris Grau wears Dior Couture Spring 2011, Galliano Headpiece, Miu Miu earrings.

    Chris Grau: sevillana94
    Chace Clark: chace.clark
    Kimberly Dean: xxlovexx
    Gillian Maxwell: JuciiMami827
    Fur Factor model: Zoe_COUTURE
    Melinda Pires: .naima
    Mariana: twalna

  2. This is just awsome, graphics are the BOMB. Articles also seem to be very nice I haven't read everything yet.

  3. I haven't got to read it yet since I am about to go somewhere soon. But I will later.

    Just by the looks, its gorgeous, though the one thing I will point out is the CG graphic that is at the beginning of the interview, though its beautiful and flawless, the neck is a tad bit awkward, the more I looked at it the more odder it appeared and I even tried to see if I could turn my head that far back, which I couldn't :( But I am not saying its bad, its stunning, just a bit creepy.

    And to be honest, when I first looked at the CG's face, it made me think she was about 40 years old, though eventually I grew to love it, still, maybe the high cheekbone detail was too dark to me or something?

    If I could rate it solely on the visuals, it would be a 10/10 regardless.

  4. This is just incredible!
    For some reason, when I saw the magazine I just wanted to read it so much, I don't know why. I usually don't read Stardoll magazines, I just like "skim and scan".
    Other than the writing, the photoshoots are AMAZING! I love the one where Chris is standing in front of a mirror and the one where she's looking at the camera (it's looks very red-carpet-like)
    And I agree, red lipstick is lovely.It has been in fashion for a long time! I like to wear it, even if im just at home, sometimes, it adds something nice to the face. I like to look good for myself.

    Anyway, I'd like to ask, are you wanting more models? I'd like to be a model for this magazine because I've never been a model before and I'd like to try it, it seems interesting.Its ok if you don't want models who will be just starting, I understand. :)

    Finally, I'd like to say that I love the cover (specially the dress!) and how you make the backgrounds with that kind of victorian-style design.

  5. I'd been a part of the production and seen a few bits, BUT MAN THIS IS AMAZZING.

  6. Stunning! I love Gillian's article, definitely a highlight. But the editorials are gorgeous! featured: freshfacefashionsd.blogspot.com

    By the way, any way to apply as a model? ;) http://rhfcjnrfmodelingporfolio.blogspot.com/p/my-model-portrait.html

  7. I Just woke up read it, Great!
    I loved the graphics like always but this time Awkward twisting body's match with the stardollian's heads because remember Stardolls heads are meant too face forward Love it anyways Its all glamours.

    I have too say "Spider lashes" is my favorite along with the vanity. Another great issue!

  8. beautiful! just amazing!

  9. Return of the little bitch from the Exorcist.

  10. I got that you don't like this one graphic, can you please stop making fun of it? I think it's quite unfair to judge a magazine just on one graphic! It's ONE graphic!

  11. The magazine is amazing <33
    The graphics and the magazine layout are stunning and just breathtaking!

    But a bit Eternity'ish, don't you think?
    Eternity was a perfection, and I understand that you wanted to make your magazine perfect as well. No judging! I really loved it :*

  12. May I offer a little bit of critique?

    - The covergirl shoot is lovely alright, but the cheekbones are way too harsh. Her shoulder is awkwardly shaded in the last one, too. I appreciate what you were trying to do with the over-the-shoulder shot, and in all honesty, I think it could have worked had the head been a little smaller/the hair been different.

    - The article pages for "The Rush" are way too dark to warrant black text. I had to skip it, I'm afraid. Try to think about the readability of your text. (:

    - The make-up shots are absolutely lovely, they're simple and striking! The hair looks really nice, with the exception of the one on metallic eyes. It looks like she's just got an electric shock and her hair's standing on end! Maybe she just got a fright from how good the magazine is, though…

    - Chanel graphics are bloody stunning, but too Eternity-esque. I know you get that a lot, but this article made it especially obvious. Let's have a little more P and a lot less E!

    My favourite graphic was the one for red lips. I think I gasped on impact. xD I hope you're not offended by all of this, because overall, the magazine was so damn good!

  13. Thank to all (and especially Lana) for your compliments and helpfull reviews :)

  14. I Love the magazine! Is beautiful! Congratulations!

  15. Oh no, I never said I didn't like it... I said that she looks like that bitch who deserved a bullet from the 70s.
    It's unfair to judge everyone's in-direct and mixed messaged opinions on their comments.

    So how does it feel to get upset about nothing?

  16. whatever, she doesn't look like this crazy girl, or has she red eyes?

    Anyway (I say this to everyone) stardoll is a doll side and it's not real, and if you would take "looking real" so seriously, you would notice that you can turn a head of a barbie like this, can't you?

    I don't want to offend anyone! I really respect your oppinions, just don't try to turn this magazine into something ridiculous!

  17. Me? Ridicul something like this?
    Of course not. That's ridiculous.

    You are very talented at the graphics and making your magazine.

    Just thought I should say you should expect harsh opinions.

    Also, make me the next covergirl.