You always wanted the chance to work for a magazine? - Here you are!

Writer: (Closed)

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Samples of your work (URL):
What kind of article do you prefer to write (beauty, accessories, ...):

Graphic Designer:

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Ideas for the next issue:


  1. Name: Bruno Silva
    Stardoll Username: brunoexclusive
    Ideas for the next issue: I have this ideia to do BLACK'N'WHITE shootings. We could use it for the next issue. I have seen both black and white the ss 2011 collection so it woild be the perfect timing to do it.

  2. Name: Chloe Davis
    Stardoll Username: Rhfcjnrf
    Ideas for the next issue: I feel like Posh is becoming the Vogue of's classy and sets trends. Going along with that, perhaps the next edition of Posh can be celebrating Vogue magazine, by having fashion editorials and beauty editorials based on Vogue's greatest editorials, as well as writing an article or two about the history of Vogue magazine. With Posh holding the attention of the more mature members of stardoll, it will really take it to the top and make it stardoll's most elegant, sophisticated magazine.

    I would also like to apply as a writer. Although I haven't done too much writing and more of graphics and creative director work, I love to write about fashion.

    Sample Article:

    All-over-white. It's something that's been in and out of the fashion world throughout the years, going through a continuous loop. But it's back, and this time with a PANG. The Spring 12 runways have been overloaded with this new trend, but this style hasn't been adapted into every day or even formal outfits yet. Will it? Or will it fade away, even more so than in the previous years?

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  5. Writer:

    Name: Sara Rose
    Stardoll Username: sarabear123
    Samples of your work (URL): Some posts I have done-
    If you want me to, I can also send a sample article that is not on a blog.
    What kind of article do you prefer to write (beauty, accessories, ...): I prefer fashion or trends but I am adaptable and will write whatever you would need me to.

  6. Name: Lucile Forges
    Stardoll username: lulita-15
    Ideas for the next issue: if there was a christmas issue, my ideas for it were these ones: we will call it a golden christmas. The cg will be wearing a white or pale dress with a golden background. We'll talk about the amazing desings of dior. Everything will be written either in gold or white. Then we can talk about gifts people can get to ther relatives such as make up, clothes. Everything must keep a delicate, classy yet stylish style. For the cg photoshoot, she'll be wearing haut couture dresses designed by well known fashion designers, with white pale and golden. As make up she can have as colors red, golden and black. As background we can choose famous cities. I imagine her with a long golden dress infront of the eiffel tower at night when the eiffel tower's lights turn on and start sparkling.
    Thank you!

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  8. Graphic Designer:

    Name: Nicole Anderson
    Stardoll Username:luezone290
    Samples of your work (URL)
    (mistake on my previous comment)

  9. Graphic Designer:

    Name: Willemijn Kadijk
    Stardoll Username: Will200
    Samples of your work (URL):
    You've probably seen my work on USD, when that contest ended I had allot of free time, which I would like to spend on a interesting project, like this one.

    Will :3

  10. Graphic designer:

    Name:Leily mesgarloo
    Sample of work:
    Well that work is just a sample but i can do much better with more stuff :)